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Portfolio Services:

The tools of your trade are your portfolio photographs and your resume. Portfolio is a model's basic promotional tool consisting of an album showing the best photos from tests and bookings..

Since the market is the deciding factor, you must place your product, i.e., your portfolio photos, in the market.A model's portfolio is their main selling tool. Presentation, quality and variety of shots are all very important factors to be considered..

Every agency, coordinator or producer will address this area differently. However, we all agree that the photos in your book should be only the best that you can provide. It does not matter whether you have more black-and-white photos than colour ones; great pictures are great pictures. Some photographers might suggest that you shoot more colour than black-and-white, since it works better and is often less expensive..

Your portfolio should 'read' just like any other book: It should have a terrific beginning, a strong middle and a sensational ending. The people looking at it should want to turn the pages with curiosity. And each page should satisfy that curiosity. It should display your strengths to potential clients and show what you are capable of selling, be it clothes, cars or cosmetics.

Your portfolio is your responsibility. When not in use, it should always be at the agency as they may have clients that come into the agency that they would like to show. This may be a reason to have a secondary portfolio, or better yet, an ON-LINE PORTFOLIO that anyone with Internet access can view.

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