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Welcome to Golden Solutions Interiors.

When it comes to designing the perfect security solution, our design engineers, at GOLDEN SOLUTIONS, share a common quest : the search for the surprising innovation, the path breaking step forward, the out of box answer, that is the PERFECT SECURITY SOLUTION.

Our Security Surveillance Systems work with an aim of confronting the issue of security in today’s busy and hectic lifestyle and protecting our clients’ valuables, homes and businesses. We pursue the value of providing our customers with high quality products and aid in their success with intelligent, high-tech security and surveillance systems. We promise to provide you the most reliable, innovative and highest quality in advanced security and surveillance systems including CCTV cameras, Digital Video Recorders, Access Control Systems, Video Door Phones, Fire Alarm Systems, Forced entry alarms and many other innovations that will revolutionise the way you fulfil your day-to-day security requirements. We have highly skilled and trained staff to manage all our products to provide high quality performance in every aspect based on the latest available technology tailored to your specific needs.

We provide state-of-the-art security solutions to various industry verticals. Our Customers have the freedom to pick and choose combination of products and technologies, customized to their particular needs and of course this is all backed by our video surveillance specialists, who are ever willing to lend their domain knowledge to them.


imgA home that’s safe and secure oozes with raw vigour and exuberance. It’s the same sense of security that makes a house, a home. In a bustling world where threats are inevitable, one cannot afford to shy away from the importance of sound security systems in place. As we understand the need to protect our loved ones from any calamity, we constantly upgrade our offerings for a secure abode.

We cater to all types of residence such as Kothi's, Bungalows, Cottages, Farmhouse, Penthouse, Holiday Homes, Apartments, Condominiums, Builder Floors etc. with special Heart Winning Interior Designs for Master Bed Rooms, Living Room, Drawing Room, Theme Kid Rooms, Home Theatres, Terrace Gardens and much more.

imgIn a rapidly evolving and dynamic customer space in India, we manage to keep up to the pace and provide services by constantly improving and upgrading our security and fire systems . We ensure that retail and corporate houses are free from any security and fire hazard.
Every space has its own and different layouts and risks. We develop an indigenous solotions, with alarms, cameras, training personnel, easy to use interfaces and much more. Our priority is to keep your employees and customer’s minds at ease, every time they enter their work place or retail space.

We implement solutions like:
# IP and digital CCTV Systems
# Sprinkler and Hydrant systems
# Fire Alarm and Voice Evacuation System
# Entrance Control System

imgResorts, hotels and motels require top notch security to protect the guests and employees. GOLDEN SOLUTION will provide the Latest security measures which will be best for your reputation and peace of the staff as well as the guests. As hotels, conventions and large events like job fairs and music festivals have become more and more popular; security has become a top priority for managers and organizers. More flexible than ever before, security cameras are bringing many new benefits for the hospitality industry, including:

# Easy to install – Video surveillance systems that use IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are easy to install – all you do is install the router or camera manager and mount the cameras – no technicians required.
# Flexibility – Digital technology has given video surveillance the flexibility to secure almost any kind of event. Systems of IP cameras can be reconfigured according to security needs and are perfect for conventions and conferences.
# Remote monitoring - The addition of an NVR (network video recorder) to your video surveillance system allows you to broadcast your security footage over the internet, giving you the power to check any of your security cameras at any time, from any internet connection (including many cell phones).
# Security – Cameras can help to protect your guests and their property by deterring theft and vandalism, and helping you identify those who do break in.
# Area/Building security – Many festivals and hotels have problems with uninvited or unregistered guests using services like pools and restrooms. Security cameras placed around your perimeter and in strategic locations around your building or area can help prevent unwanted guests from stealing services or causing a disruption.

imgSolutions for Industries Factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities often contain valuable raw material and goods that are attractive to thieves. Therefore it is important to have an efficient surveillance system to protect your property and assets.

Benefits of CCTV for Industries Network cameras can easily become a valuable tool to increase the overall production efficiency. They offer the possibility for any authorized person to remotely access live images over the network, making it possible to: Remotely monitor manufacturing lines and processes, Instantly detect and respond to incidents, Provide remote troubleshooting and maintenance support, Evaluate incidents without contaminating the process area, 'Have "extra eyes" when managing production lines, reduce employee time card related fraud and more.

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